Gia Trys To Make The Jenny Jerker Escape

June 21, 2009 · 0 comments

Hey Jenny Jerkers and Happy fathers day to all my sugarlicious Daddy’s out there, I just walked in the door from working out and I’m really sweaty but feeling in the blog mood. I’ve been really getting into my spin class and the results on my ass are unreal, my boyfriend can’t keep his hands off it smacking it every time I walk by. I want to get it rounder and rounder and plump so boys have more ass to shove in your face and a bigger ass alter to bow at.
Gia the hairy chested tiny shrimp dick game playing Italian piggy has been so torn with his addiction to me he actually made the temptation to block me thinking it would be easier for him to resist me. Big shocker he had to unblock me right away to get back in touch with me. Along with with that failed attempt came financial punishment for even attempting to do something so lame and stupid. It’s that royal fuck you finger of mine so rich and thick with power as I point it up and give him a really huge FUCK YOU PAY ME flip off.
In regards to blocking and unblocking me, I made him pay a nice unblocking fee and topped that off with a $150 tribute to pay for a dinner my boyfriend and I had later that night. Amazing dinner and wine that Gia paid for!! I got fucked really good for taking my boyfriend out, he rewarded me with a big sticky load of yummy cum! Jealous boys! I ignored Gia last night making him wait and wait like the hairy doggy that he is and of course he loved it and understood he needed to be treated that way. He tried desperately to call me on my financial domination line and well, I just had to not take the call and make him wait. Time to go out to the beach, lines are on boys, go buy some pictures sets and let the Jenny Jerker addiction begin. Happy day to me look what just appeared a nice $250 Amazon Gift card to pamper me from jerker Johnny thanks loser!


Paying The Princess

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