Giantess Jenny Worship In San Diego

April 5, 2011 · 0 comments

I had the best time down in San Diego the past few days visiting some friends and staying at the Hard Rock down there. Lance some Jenny jerker Niteflirt slave in Maine sent me a $600 gift card for the hotel so that was all taken care for and of course I got a super awesome rock suite. The weather was perfect bikini weather I was wearing my shortest shorts and showing my ass off all over the place. I’m really in the need of a hot new Spring and Sumer dresses so you guys should get my wardrobe nice and pimped out and head on over to my Amazon wish list and buy me stuff.
Gia the Italian hairy slave has been sneaking around thinking that I don’t notice him but I do, kinda like all you horny loser boys who keep clicking on my Jenny jerker game and then being too much of a cheap pussy to pay for it. I’ve got my eye on you piggy fuckers.
Giantess Jenny made an appearance this weekend while I was in San Diego. My friend and I met up with one of her submissives she was doing a session with and he offered up a couple thousand for us both to tie him down and tower over his puny dick and destroy him. I already had plans but money talks so I cut my day short and after she had the slave pig loser all hog tied and ready I came a knocking on the door. There he was, she had this loser down on the ground handcuffed and his ankles bound. I walked in and he was strikingly handsome for a worm slave on the floor. He kept telling me how beautiful I was but I really didn’t care to hear a bullshit word he said. My Mistress friend handed me $1500 in cash and the verbal abuse and spit started flying. The little man was crushed like a troll under our tall Goddess bodies. Closest thing you’ll get to this Giantess ass is buying my clips loser pig.

Giantess Jenny Ass

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