Giantess Princess Jenny Loser Heel Squash

June 29, 2010 · 0 comments

Happy Friday, my brain is exhausted from mind fucking all week long. Sometimes when I’m doing a Princess erotic hypnosis call I find myself getting really sleepy and falling into my own trap. I nearly almost have myself convinced to walk over to an ATM machine and take out $500 and deposit into my own Niteflirt account ha ha ha. I guess i’m just that good, my voice is that decadent and trance like.
Speaking of hypnotic I had sent out a little bonus pay to view picture set “What’s Beautiful Hypnotic and Makes You Weak … ME”. You boys were such good pay puppets doing as I say. You filled up my piggy bank making it get nice and fat and ready for me to smash and spend and start all over again getting exactly what I want.
I’ve been getting a lot of requests for more Princess giantess clips, so I wanted to accommodate my greedy sweet needs and produced more for your lusting jerk off and pay me pleasures.
Look at me, look at me towering over you with my never ending legs little man! In my sexy dress, I don’t even have panties on! My beautiful towering bare legs and my designer pointed toe heels. You want to be crushed like a bug, ground up and smashed into the carpet like a stomped on loser while you stare out at my long luscious legs. You are beneath me you underling. Feel the wrath of your sexy giantess.

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