Giving You A Financial Domination Hangover

November 30, 2010 · 0 comments

Hey everyone, did you have a great Thanksgiving? Mine was fantastic, I spent the weekend out of town with my family stuffed myself silly. I also got stuffed pretty silly by some hot big cock that my boyfriend gave me after he had enough football. On the plane ride back to my family’s I was so horny it had been like 48 hours since I had sex. The lady who had the isle seat was full on passed out asleep. I was feeling really sneaky so I put my sweater over my boyfriends lap and had to jack him off right there, it was so hot! I felt so powerful I knew I owned that cock when made him explode right there and have to sneak off to clean up without waking up the lady.
I was taking calls over the weekend and Minnesota’s finest big 10 faggot fairy Mr. ThroatFuck got totally cash raped as he thanked me for giving him my attention. We played a little numbers game, It was kinda like my very own version of bingo / football all that really matters was in the end I won $700 in 20 min. His throat got fucked, his wallet got raped and I was ready to hit the mall and get Christmas gifts for my friends that Mr. Throat fuck had paid for.
I’m so happy you guys loved that last photo set that I sent out, if you have any requests let me know, I’ll be sure to charge you for it. Lot’s of new Jenny jerking phone sex addicts in the making these days. My Jenny jerk army is building, my little stroke drones are actively jerking all cum and cash right to me where it belongs. The best of the week on Niteflirt is this loser DORK MIKE who tried to call me with his voice disguised and trying to be all dominant. I was cracking up! nice try loser, you’ll always be a total submissive loser DOINK to me. Niteflirt and Talk Sugar lines are on loser boys!

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