Good Friday For Me

April 22, 2011 · 0 comments

Happy Good Friday! It’s been a great Friday on Niteflirt that’s for sure. I’ve been taking tax refunds from Jenny Jerkers all day. Cha Ching fuckers! New little hypno piggy Karl got himself lost in a leg fetish trance. Just the sounds of my heels going click click click sends his hand straight to his cock wallet ready to obey and worship my heels. His girlfriend is in the other room and I keep making him sneak away to take glances of my peeping toes. He gets caught up in the smoothness of my legs and the points of my heels that he can’t stop coming to find me to lay cash out where it belongs.
While it’s been a great Good Friday for me it hasn’t been very good for Niteflirt loser Marc. He’s been hand humping his little sissy cock under his fat belly over me for the past 24 hours. He keeps asking me how much money I’ve taken from him and I think there is only one definite answer. The answer is loser, whatever you’ve spent, it isn’t enough. Loser fatty hasn’y gotten laid in 6 years, if you talked to him you’d understand why. Dial up phone sex slaves and give me my money. While I’m busy using losers head to my clip site and buy away.
Marc Fist Ficker

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