Hairy Italian Slave Pay Piggy Jerkin For Jenny

June 24, 2009 · 0 comments

Global Jenny jerking from Italy Gia just can’t get enough of me. I taught him a couple delightful American old time favorite terms “flipping off” and “flipping the bird”. I bring him in further and further into my sweet dominating Princess world with my commanding pictures of my stunning middle finger saying FUCK YOU PAY ME and my soft soles pointed into his face. Such a slave pig to me he really doesnt even have the cash to provide me with so fuck it, I just keep making the pay mails higher and higher each time he tells me is is on his way to having no money left. I want to be pampered and that is a hairy italian pigs job is to keep me taken care of.
One of the piggies humiliation assignments was to make a few signs for me not knowing exactly what I was going to do with them but, any loyal Jenny Jerker should know that if I have you making pictures for me then you are probably going to become a member of the blog slut club. How can I resist showing off this ape like creature import. I could knit a blanket to cover all of Hollywood with that fur. Gross!!! Maybe if he trimmed the grass the little shrub would look like a nice tree. I do have his personal youtube page and I could post that but, right now i’m in such a sweet mood that I think I’m going to keep that information to myself, at least for the time being. It gets me so hot and wet when he pays for my boyfriend and I to go to dinner. When the bill comes we always start to crack up and we raise our glasses and say “Salud to slave gia” and laugh our asses off. I always pull out the picture of him on my iphone and we just look at how hairy he is and think of all the ways he will be used by us. I just want to kick my heels off under the dinner table and let the Gia rub my feet and get the thrill of a little princess foot fetish while I dine and enjoy and then rest them in his face as he sits and waits like a good pig. Jenny Jerkers eat your heart out.

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