Halloween Humiliation Clip

October 30, 2012 · 0 comments

A new Halloween fetish clip for humiliation addicts and sissys Trick or Treat losers! I love a little costume play. It’s loser humiliation time and I’m gonna make you my little candy gathering loser sissy slave boy. You’re going to get ALL my candy while I go out and party! You’re my loser sissy boy and the plus side of this is now you go out dressed as the sissy that you are! Yay for you! We are going to get you all dressed up as a girl and prance you around the streets. What a perfect excuse to put on your girl clothing. Go on go put your panties on right now and get a big purse to store MY cash and candy. Cover up your ugly sissy loser face with a mask so you can hide your sissy monster face so no one recognizes you. If you do a really good job I’ve got a little treat for you maybe I’ll give you some special candy for such a special loser like you. You better get all my favorite candy or I may smash your balls in with my bag of candy.

Halloween For Sissys

Fill up my bag with cash and BUY NOW! ONLY $9.99 for a limited time

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