Happy Easter Money Bunnies

April 24, 2011 · 0 comments

Happy Easter ! I went to an amazing Easter party last night that a new jenny jerking slave bought me. He woke me up at $12.00 a minute which is about the only way I would even consider talking while I’m still in my Princess chambers. It was a late night I’m almost a bit partied out and its not even hot out so how am I going to wear my sexy new Easter sun dress? I guess I’m going to have to run of the street to Urban Outfitters go buy a whole new outfit now. Wallets back to open you little money bunny boys.
Karl is getting more and more wrapped up in me submitting to me and looking at pictures of me on his phone every chance he gets that his girlfriend isn’t near. I love eery moment of it, mind fucking him and taking him deeper into my hypnotic seductive world. I’ve added more high heels and bikinis for summer to my wish list and I expect them to be bought for me. Thanks to fat ass fatty loser John for the new heels and sexy lingerie. His fat loser ass knows the only way he can get a hot girl to wear sexy lingerie for her is to pay for it and then PAY to see it ! Taking calls on Niteflirt and destroying money bunnies! Happy Easter and get yourself all worked up over my Easter greeting for you losers and foot fetish boys who want to see me crushing peeps with my perfect feet! Ready to have the cash squashed out of you.

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