Happy Holiday’s Jenny Jerkers Tis The Season To Pay Your Princess

December 25, 2009 · 0 comments

Happy Holiday’s to all my friends, fellow Princess’s and to all my Jenny jerkers and new ones to come in the future. I’m stuck in California this year, my flight was delayed with the crap weather and my boyfriend and I decided just to head back to our place and party with our friends who also stayed back on the West Coast.
Wow, this is really my first Christmas at Niteflirt and I can’t even believe the amount of losers who needed my attention in the past 48 hours. I did wake up to a very sweet virtual stocking filled with gift cards. Thank you guys you made my first year really great. I also got a new stunning pair of heels to trample and tease you boys with and a ton of other amazing gifts. Kiss’s Happy Holiday’s!
Happy Holidays XO Jenny 2009

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