Happy July 4th, Better Then Fireworks -My Shiny Gold Ass

July 4, 2010 · 0 comments

Happy July 4th everyone! I’ve been getting my holiday party weekend on since Thursday when my friends came in town from Miami. I actually did a beer bong last night and got super drunk. One of my girlfriends and I ended up making out all night at the club and after looking at all the deboucherous photos I’m sorta glad I don’t remember it. I have a super slight headache even though I’ve had 2 Gatorade’s already.
What I do remember really clear was that before we went and were getting ready I had received a call on Niteflirt from a shiny new money pig who was excited at the chance to throw down his wallet and get used. Lucky guy called while I had 2 girls over and had all 3 of us rotting him on for more cash. We got him to tribute us $600 which really isn’t that much but good enough for a 35 min call while we were getting dressed and half ignoring him anyway.
My pool boy Bob has been a really good “boyfriend” he’s been rubbing my feet and getting used just the way that I like him, his favorite thing to say is “No Jenny, I can’t say no to you, I’m just a Jenny jerker, jerking for you”. I was a little annoyed at him for not showing up for a Monday night TV date where I ignore him and watch the Bachelorette and talk to my friend on the phone the whole time as he rubs my sweet feet and gets used as a footstool. Bob he’s such a good slave for the most part always ready to get used and knowing exactly where he stands in my life. Just a little cash machine for his Princess Jenny.
Hot ass clip for July 4th that you can burst your little mini wad too. This clip is stroke off material for all my submissive ass and foot slaves who want to get at my bare feet and for those who want to sniff and inhale my butt hole. My big luscious ass stuffed into my shiny skin tight gold pants is like the sun blinding you. Solid gold ass kissing, you’ll follow my ass up the steps like a good butt puppy and as a reward I pull them down to expose my hot ass and make you grovel for it. Lick it up and buy it up. Be safe everyone! Don’t be shy call me
Gold Ass

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