Happy Thanksgiving Everyone Turkey Baster Humiliation

November 26, 2009 · 0 comments

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there. I hope you all have a safe and tasty holiday.
I’m giving thanks this year to all you Jenny Jerkers who have jerked your ways into my life making your life a better place.
Luke the loser from San Fran called me bright and shiny this morning while his wife was out doing some last min shopping. He was begging for some serious humiliation to get him through the long day ahead of him with all the family around. I kicked off his morning having him do a nice shot of vodka and then a eat about 20 Altoids so the wife wouldn’t smell the pre-party on his gross loser breath.
He said his house smelled wonderful and they were expecting a party of 25 later on today. Luke kept saying “Please Princess Jenny humiliate this stupid faggot, please fuck me over”. I had Luke go get the turkey baster and fuck himself silly with it. I know what you’re thinking, that’s utterly repulsive. It totally is and after the little bitch loser made a mess I made him suck it up with the baster and eat it!
For the sake of the guests I made him run out to the trash and toss the baster and have to make up a lie to his wife and go run to a store and get her a new one. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!


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