Happy Thanksgiving Thank Me By Paying Me

November 25, 2010 · 0 comments

Happy Thanksgiving everyone,
Christiano my hypno slave has been totally hypnotized and put deep under my spell. I was using him taking all of his money on Niteflirt, making him so weak with my ass getting him to buy me shoes and lingerie off my Amazon list, I was feeling so greedy and superior. He told me he had a girlfriend but I wanted him all to myself, fuck her, I didn’t want him to spend another dime on that trampy slut, I wanted it all from this paypig. He was inducted by my body and ready to give me the information I craved, I got his girlfriend’s email address and did the thing only a bitch like me would do, I emailed her.
I spilled his secret, she mailed me back in disbelief, but I gave her the proof she needed and it was over, He was ready to drop his cash at my feet and take what was rightfully mine. He knew it was time to pay his princess. A little blackmail always shakes a loser down right where I need him.

I wanted to give my thanks the best I could by sending out a photo set at a super low loser rate on Niteflirt. check your mail and if you didn’t get it let me know. You won’t want to miss it because I’m going to double the price when I put it up for pay to view on the site. Check your mail, click, pay and get to Jenny jerking.
Pink Green PPV Preview

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