High Heel Fetish Sissy Boy Pump Humper

December 18, 2009 · 1 comment

James will always and forever be a hooters outfit wearing sissy. Just like a little bitch sissy he’s back and begging for my attention. Questioning himself as to whether or not submit to the power of being a full fledged Jenny Jerker sissy bitch boy.
He said he still had his Hooters outfit I made him buy, I gave him his first assignment to show me he was going to be ready to dedicate himself. I told him to go get dressed in his Hooters outfit complete with the tan pantyhose take a picture and make sure I can see that special hooters camel toe Ha Ha HA.
He has yet to come through on this showing me he is ready, willing and able to be a prime Jenny Jerker.
Pot smoking high heel fetish junkie Joe got taken down by me, He’s such a sissy bitch I sent him some pictures of me wearing my leg warmers and he had a little bitch break down. WAHH WAHH I can’t see your ankles Princess Jenny! So, I charged him an extra $30 to let him see my sexy ankles. After he got more pictures of my hot ankles he was so hard that he was begging me to have my boyfriend come beat him up! How pathetic and sorry assed is that shit! He would give anything for my hot boyfriend to come smack his wimpy sissy boy ass and shove him to the ground. Always pay your Princess shoe fucking pumper.
Clayton my hypnotized Jenny jerker has fully surrendered his love life to me. No more girlfriend, the only girlfriend he gets is me. I’ve got him hypnotized so his cock is only allowed to get hard for Me. My long legs and sexy bare soles, his eyes glazed over looking at my perfection. He can’t stay away he needs me. Lets keep piling up my Christmas tree boys, Call me xoxoxo


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sabrina fag May 3, 2012 at 3:58 am

i am a stupid sissy boy humper princess

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