Holiday Cash Endings New Year Prosperity Beginnings

January 4, 2011 · 0 comments

Happy New Year everyone! I had an amazing holiday spent with a ton of friends and family and lots of new friends I made at all the parties. I’m almost partied out but nah, I can always party and go all night that’s the luxury of being hot like me.
You boys sure ate up my sexy Christmas humiliation clip. I think I’m going to have to make more holiday video cards. I love that I made a card to send you but that I made you pay to see it. What a successful and cash filled holiday for me. Major cash pigs filled up my stockings and even one piggy who thought he got away came back. Liverpool loser slave came back and with just the smallest amount of temptation the cash was pouring in and practically bouncing off my ass and into my wallet. Terry bought my boyfriend the new Xbox 360 now I need one for MY house.
I’m waiting on my Burberry scarf from my Pig in Paris for some reason it hasn’t arrived and it makes me want to pitch a bitch fit. If I don’t get it in the next week I better get a purse to match it.
Gia my stinky armpit of a slave is trying for the New year to break free of his addiction to me. He wants a Woman who he can serve in person. It took only a pay to view mail on Niteflirt to break him down and lure him back into my devilish web of money loving. He was back for me, begging to smell my stinky farts, yes really he begs and pleads to smell my Princess farts. I charge him per fart of course. I love when boys pay to smell my own aroma. Once a Niteflirt phone sex addict always an addict.
I’m going to make a pillow humping instructional part 2 for you losers. I wonder how many pillows out there are cum soaked and stained. I’d imagine a ton with the amount of you boys who have watched it. If you missed out it’s still available. The Christmas cutie who owns your cock. Lets make 2011 the year you devote all your money to your Princess Jenny! Jenny jerk it in 2011.

Christmas Photo Set

Christmas Video Clip

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