Holiday Home Wrecking Domination

December 16, 2011 · 0 comments

Last year I made my Holiday home wrecking clip for all you Jenny jerkers to to jerk off your stupid dicks too as I go over all the ways I’m going to take everything for myself and for those of you who missed out on it here it is again. I’m going to make a new Holiday humiliation clip when I have time in My busy life but, in the meanwhile buy my clip and photo set if you don’t already have it and stuff my pretty purse even more sub slaves.

First I ruined your orgasm , now I’m going to ruin your Christmas. It’s my very own Christmas humiliation clip card just for you boy’s. A very special message for you Jenny jerkers. I’m going to take everything from you. Everything under your tree is going to be for me, I mean really, just look at me, you cant say no to me, fuck your family, Screw your wife, girlfriend, whatever I really don’t care, I just know that I want it all. You want to give it to me, you me to have it all. Maybe I’ll let you keep a penny. You want to give me the biggest and best presents under MY tree.

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