Holiday Humiliation Cash Slave Loser

December 29, 2012 · 0 comments

Happy after Christmas, when you’re a femdom it kinda seems like its Christmas or some kinda holiday everyday because we get so many awesome gifts for just well you know being smart,demanding and sexy.
I had the best holiday, I scored a ton of gifts and really I don’t have the time to run down the list of awesome things but a few high lights were the Gucci black boots I was salivating over and the matching purse. High end sugar pigs really are the best. I bought a few of my slaves some gifts this year, a nice collection of piggy butt plugs and assorted lingerie for some of my top fairy sissy boys. Are you wondering why you didnt get a gift from me? Spend a more and maybe I’ll actually consider you on my list for next year. You always have Valentines day to achieve some sort of something from me. A sexy round of financial domination or a high stakes game of raise the rate is all it takes to get on my good side. The holidays drag a lot of former cash slaves out ready to do humiliating tasks and feeling extra down. One of my favorite humiliation pigs Marcus Maddox was back and ready to open up his wallet to me as I fucked him over and he paid for it. Isn’t he a fancy cash pig with his santa hat covering his little tiny cock. Ho ho holarious!

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