Home Wrecking Pig Slave Eric

September 21, 2012 · 0 comments

Hey Jenny jerking slaves look what we have here today! We have a first class jerk off idiot here by the name of Eric LaLancette from Canada. He’s as you can see a totally pathetic loser who craves to be exposed and he’s about to get a little home wrecking if he isn’t behaved.
He has a girlfriend who has no idea about his phone fetish addiction or his perversion of wearing her dresses and underwear while she’s at work. He’s a total loser who will bark like a dog, snort like a pig, hump a pillow and do whatever humiliating task I ask him to do and he will take pictures just to show me what a good slave loser he is for me. I wanted to see the sissy’s face on camera but he was being shy so, I had him go raid his girlfriends panties and over his face with them. As you can see the humiliated slave in the photo below what a loser he really is!
BTW, you can Facebook him and find him on there and actually let his girlfriend know for herself! You know she will totally recognize his body! HA Ha Hmmm blackmailing and home wrecking pigs on a weekend! Sounds fantastic to me. How far am I going to take this little pay slut! Do you have the balls to be MY humiliation pig and get exposed? Call me lets find out!
Pig Slave EricPig Slave Eric 1

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