Home Wrecker And Loving It

June 20, 2011 · 2 comments

Hey there, it’s a Saturday morning and I’m just giddy with greed an excitement. I’ve officially destroyed a relationship so that I can have more money and more gifts. That’s right, Jonny boy my Niteflirt slave has lost his girlfriend/fiance all because of little ol sexy me. I didn’t even have to blackmail him to take him down, all it took was a little brainwashing and a few clips and his dick was sunk right into my Pay Princess hands. I brainwashed loser Johnny to take all of her things and pack them up and put them in the ally so she came home to find nothing. I kinda regretted it later because I thought maybe she had good taste and he could just send me any of her things that might be kinda hot.
He sent me this “I don’t know how you do it but you have a way about yourself that is incredible and so right! You are so fucking self confident which is so damn sexy it drives me nuts! I really don’t know how to stop. Lisa called crying about herself again and said she needs her work project or she is going to get fired…I feel a little bad because that shit was tore up by the bums in the alley. She literally is going to lose her job because of that….lol” I read that and started calling my friends and telling them how it was official I AM a home wrecker and proud of it. My confidence was soaring to new levels , my head was feeling so big it was about to fall off but then I held it higher and kept taking even more cash. My pussy was getting wetter and wetter with each email he sent me telling me of the destruction I was causing. Like a financial domination tornado ripping through town I’m not even close to stopping.
I know YOU want to be a Jenny jerker and I know you dream of ME ruining your relationship too so call me on Niteflirt and show me how pathetic you can be.

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JS June 21, 2011 at 1:50 pm

Completely ruined relationship because of Jenny but could care less…completely addicted to Jenny and loving every minute of what she does to me!

JS June 25, 2011 at 9:47 am

Please, someone join me as Jenny completely destroys me. It’s an incredible feeling…I know there is someone else out there that wants to feel as incredible as I do. She does it with such a sexy confidence that I don’t realize what hit me until it’s over!

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