Homewrecker Jenny Makes A Cuckold Out Of You

July 12, 2013 · 0 comments

It’s frisky financial domination Friday Jenny jerkers and I plan on making a ton of cash this weekend. Time ran out for my cuckold slave Steven and things are not looking well for his engagement to his attractive fiance.  Sounds like homewrecker Jenny has thoughts brewing doesn’t it. His wedding is in a few weeks from now and even crueler its in Santa Barbara about an hour away from me. I saw the invites and I know exactly where and when to be there. I’m really considering crashing the party that is, if there ever ends up being a party. How would that be for a wrecker! Jenny the wedding crasher!  He missed not one but 2 detailed sessions due to wife drama. now am I really suppose to give a fuck that she had drama? Fuck no, When I have something set up a task , a call whatever it is you come running to me, crawling to me on your pussy ass hands and knees looking up at Me. I have amassed a collection of photos and love letters from slave Steven not to mention the many many many thousands in gift cards that he would send me from his work address. Stupid dumb moron I’m thinking he kinda wanted to fuck up so I would stop him from making a huge mistake by married this Woman and really being in love with ME. Now that i’ve come into his life turning him into a compulsive masturbating Jenny jerker there is really no turning back. When the reality of my friends and crashing his wedding and telling everyone how we knew the groom and showed them photos sank in I was pretty sure he shit his pants. I decided to just milk him for what it was worth to him. And I know it was worth a lot because I put a serious gash in his savings, looks like that big ass candy bar he was going to have at his wedding is going to be a lot smaller now that the budget just shrunk thanks to me.

And with a big huge smile on my face and the glowing feeling of another slave dominated I’m going to have another fabulous weekend thanks to you . I am the ultimate homewrecking wedding crasher!

Are you going to go jerk off now thinking about me destroying your wedding day?

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