Homewrecking For The Holidays

December 11, 2013 · 0 comments

It’s beginning to look a lot more like Christmas around here with the gifts, I don’t feel the need to post pathetic little tributes like $20 Amazon gift cards or shampoo etc, but I do like to brag about good slaves, the ones who impress me by opening their wallets and know to Pay Princess. This week Jenny jerker Brad from texas got served with phone sex and a good cash raping. Everything is not bigger in Texas at least loser brad proved that when he got on webcam and showed me his tiny little cock in one of his wife’s bikini. I made him stroke his little cock for me and for every 30 seconds of stroking he had to tell me personal information about his wife, her cell number. He begged me to cum and thats when I made him stop stroking his cock and informed him I took pictures of him in his wife’s bikini and I was going to text her the photos and audio of what was going on. He cried that I set him up for blackmail and I just laughed and told him I was going to text her and hang up. No, No Princess Jenny, please don’t make me into one of your home wrecked losers! he cried. I was silent for a moment and then decided that I wasn’t going to contact his wife if he sent me a $1000 Amazon card to buy my friends gifts. He started to stroke his cock faster and faster panting “Jenny’s home wrecking me, Jennys about to destroy me!” As he was ready to ejaculate his small loser cock my inbox rang in a $1000 Amazon gift card. Big or small I want it all, You will give your Femdom Princess Jenny everything.

1000 gift card

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