Hot Weekend Sex And A Wallet Full Of Cash

November 8, 2010 · 0 comments

Fall fuck over fest has begun November has been full swing with Jenny jerkers beating their cash off into my pretty hands. Minnesota’s finest married idiot had a hardcore cash raping. A few thousand dollars and a dildo pounded down his throat later and it was a financial domination pay day kinda day for Jenny. I do such smooth cash extractions it’s like my lucky submissive cash victims don’t even realize what’s going on until it’s past the point of too late. One step closer to broke as a joke!
A few of you lucky cuckolds got to have a phone session while my boyfriend was with me. He couldn’t believe how every one of you closet cock lovers were begging him for the chance to suck him off after he fucked me. My boyfriend and I decided to go out to our local neighborhood bar and he was going to sit at the opposite end of the bar and watch me get hit on then we were going to go sneak into the bathroom and have a quick fuck. It took about 10 minutes before the first man approached me and struck up conversation, I had 2 drinks with him and by then I was feeling so wasted that I told him my boyfriend was at the other end of the bar. He was totally humiliated and my goal was achieved, my pussy was wet and I was off to get some from a real man.
My Italian hairy armpit of a slave Gia paid off my shopping spree I took. I stopped over to the mall to get something sexy at Victoria Secret I planned to just get some sexy panties but I stopped into Macy’s and left $300 later with a sexy new dress. I got home and logged in and there he was waiting for me on yahoo ready to pay off the charges I just made. It was that easy to bend over the stinky Italian man and fuck his hairy ass until I get what I want. Niteflirt lines are on and ready to allow you to spoil me.

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