How To Serve ME Properly

August 15, 2012 · 0 comments

I get so many emails that all start off the exact same or some very close version of the following. “Princess Jenny you are so beautiful and perfect how can I serve you” I’m really tired of these emails from all these so called submissive slaves. If you’ve taken the time to read my site and learn a bit about me and have to ask me that then you’re not ready to serve me.
My website it called Pay Princess, so I would think that name alone might be a good indicator for the direction one should be taking when speaking to me. Let me break that down for you in case you didn’t really understand that.
You want to serve me and you see that my site is called Pay Princess well that means i’m telling you to PAY PRINCESS and that would be me. Let me offer a couple tips on ways to serve me.

  • Show your respect by coming to be with a gesture of being a potential slave like a tribute, gift card or something off my Amazon list.. Even a small tribute is something to show me that you are potentially worthy.
  • Do NOT come to me asking me how you can serve me. If you can’t provide me with money,cash,dinero,buckaroos,gifts, and or other material items of my  wanting etc then don’t bother me. Thats how to serve me thats what I want.

Have you figure it out yet?


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