Humiliate Yourself For Princess

April 3, 2013 · 0 comments

Humiliation assignment peanut butter fucker has been a total success on my loser circuit. You losers getting inspired by each other wanting to replicate and be my top notch loser. I have a feeling there is going to be a surge in peanut butter sales. Todays first fool of April is this pig loser cock sucker J. He started off with his first humiliating task of putting Nair on his mangina and the loser left it on too long and ended up burning his pussy. If you’re going to use Nair while you’re totally wasted you really need to be more mindful of how long you keep it on and how well you wipe it off. Thats not my issue you can’t keep the time!
He did all the standard humiliation slave tasks like drawing all over himself and then came the peanut butter. He started spooning it all over and putting big globs all over his face presenting me with how stupid he looked. He begged me to post the naked photos of him but I have zero interest in putting that much loserdom on MY page. Are you hard right now? Are you picturing yourself smothering yourself with peanut butter to amuse me and all my friends and make us laugh? Show your Jenny jerking devotion and humiliate yourself for me.

Peanut butter humiliation

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