Humiliation Assignment Food Fetish Pig

April 16, 2013 · 0 comments

It never ends, you losers are begging to get down and dirty just to make me laugh. Idiot slaves clamoring to pay more, tribute more and more for precious real estate on my site. Another weekend of you Jenny jerkers giving me cash and sending me gift cards and begging to worship my perfect ass. April is the month of fools and some old pig snorted his way back and wanted to get his inner food fetish humiliation on. He used to call me with his plastic snout on and pay me 100’s just to cover him in whatever we could find in the kitchen. Now the cheap loser tried to get away with less but of course I wouldn’t stand for that. The pig bitch paid and I used him like a submissive pig canvas and painted him with peanut butter, Ranch dressing and Chocolate sauce. How totally disgusting, I wouldn’t expect anything less from a loser who is willing to do whatever I say.
Pig Loser In A TubChocolate covered loser

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