Humiliation Assignment Little Dick Loser

March 3, 2013 · 0 comments

Another little dick loser was up for a humiliation assignment to try and out idiot another loser he got jealous of that I abused. I love how you slave bots get jealous knowing that you don’t get 100% of my attention. You’ll have to keep upping it to get in the higher level elite Jenny jerking club. Little dick loser is doing his best to get there.
I gave this little dick sissy the amateur beginners humiliation assignment task of getting a pair of panties, putting them on and taking a picture for me. As you can see his tiny little cock fit perfectly like a little clit. This is just the beginning of turning this little sissy boy out. I wasn’t 100% pleased with the panties he was wearing. So many of you guys pick out the most ugly undies. You really need to step it up and go to a Victoria Secret and grab a pair there. Red or pink are the colors I prefer as well. If you’re gonna sissy fag yourself up then go all the way to gay!
PS – Bonus loser points for the gross toilet with the lid up in the background. LOSER!


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