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May 15, 2012 · 0 comments

It’s been a crazy fun week, first off I met a long time financial domination phone slut in the flesh. This cash slave has been calling me and tributing me for over a year now and he finally made it to Los Angeles to make all his dreams come true, meeting me and taking me shopping.
My friend came with me and we met him over at his hotel in Santa Monica but first before we let him know we were there we hit the bar and had a couple drinks and of course we charged it to his room and then we were ready for him. He was pretty attractive in the flesh and you should tell he was nervous and ready to submit. First stop was Santa Monica Place and both my friend and I each started with $1000 to play with and that went very fast of course. We took him back to his hotel and let him worship our asses. You should have seen the way he had his nose stuffed in my ass crack inhaling as if it was his last breath.
My friend and I were laughing so hard at that we had to leave, it was enough and we got what we wanted out of the pay slut. Used and fucked over he emailed me later on begging me to come back, I had a date so it wasn’t gonna happen. Bummer for him but I’m excited to fuck him over again and have sex with his wallet and let him sniff my ass.
He’s back it’s the total idiot web cam whore Marcus Madox who gets off on anyone who will post him, tweet him or whatever it takes to show the world what a total idiot will do in hopes that no one he knows see’s him. He’s a total idiot and a serious loser who no matter what is a porn addicted humiliation idiot who can’t get enough of the humiliation.
Marcus Maddox Idiot

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