Hypnotized Across The World

September 30, 2011 · 0 comments

Jenny jerking jerk off puppets have been so good this week and being good piggy’s sending me sexy new outfits and sexy high heels buying me gifts from my Amazon wish list knowing how much I love getting all dressed up and then dressed down just to taunt you boys and your stupid hard cocks.
Newly enslaved imported all the way from Australia Loki found his way into my devilish world of mind fucking. After a few conversations I know he was weak and craving a Femdom who could give him what he needed a brain and a body that brought him to his knees with his wallet out and ready to give.
It was only a few moments when he knew he was unable to say no to me. My words flowing through his mind, it was all over Loki was all mine. In a very short time I bent him over and fucked him really good the way he needed it to be, he’s now doing the typical pussy bitch move and scared of me. He’s afraid of how deeply tranced I got him in such a fast time. The way he stared so deeply into my eyes and became hypnotized by my beauty and powerful words programming his brain to be my Aussie bitch.
Once you get a taste you always come back, come a bit closer see if you can resist.

“The Dance between Us will never stop, it is Endless…the Unstoppable Force (you) Vs the Immovable Object (moi).” – Slave Loki

“wow, you are Divine, I am spellbound…crazy in love…. you penetrate my depths like no other…i want to worship you forever…your thunderbolts are so powerful….XOXOXO your Aussie bitch Loki”

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