Hypnotized Pay Slaves Trapped In A Cash Spill

May 16, 2010 · 0 comments

Hey boys, I’m super late on my update but I’ve been super busy with you high maintenance little piggies who need to talk to me all the time and have my attention and of course pay me all day long. I do have a ton of losers to talk about too. I bet right now while you’re reading this your hoping and wishing it’s going to be you that I talk about.
Slave Richard has been treading lightly as I’ve danced across his wallet just dangling him along with each payment he submits. I don’t even think I’ve really taken much yet, I think we might have just hit the thousand dollar mark which is good but you know I won’t settle for anything less then AMAZING. So, I will keep taking and taking with each payment my smile growing and my laughter getting louder. Ahhhh it’s like waking up to good sex and a sunshine day every day.
My sexy bodied hypnotized Jenny Jerker choirboy is in Vegas for his Birthday as I write this. He knows that when it’s his Birthday its my Birthday too. So, he’s gambling away gathering up some big winnings all for sweet and sexy me. He just can’t resist looking deep into my sweet eyes and saying “I won, you won, I am just a Jenny Jerker”.
Don’t I look hot holding all the cash you give me in my precious powerful hands. That’s why I love taking more and more. More tomorrow, it’s a Sunday afternoon and a pool party awaits me.

Cash Slave

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