Infectious Words Hypnotize You Slaves

January 29, 2010 · 0 comments

Have you ever heard something so infectious that you find yourself singing a song or saying a certain word all day. Of course you have, we all have.
The words so often heard in my daily routine are “I want to be a Jenny Jerker Jenny” I hear that several times a day, I read it several times a day. Those are the words that bring you to your knees, those are the words that make your 2 inch tootsie roll dick expand to the maximum pathetic 4 inches. Those are the words that make you a stoke zombie Jenny Jerker giving me all the money and gifts that I want.
I brought slave Daneliniween into my web for a long deep erotic hypnosis session. He came to me begging to be a Jenny Jerker and wanted to make me proud. His first lesson to begin his Jenny Jerkdom was to start with buying every photo set I had on Niteflirt to get his worship collection started. He came back after he bought every single pay to view and was ready for his mantras to begin. I made him slip on a pair of panties and get on web cam for me and write on himself to show me what a loser he truly was and that in this state he would submit and do anything I asked. I had him hypnotized for over an hour as I recited the Jenny Jerker hypnotic passage lulling him deep into my pocket. He stroked and payed and stroked and payed until he was snoring. I spent the last 23 minutes of the session with him paying per minute as he was passed out dreaming of his Pay Princess. It’s nearly noon time for me to take Niteflirt calls! Lots of new hot pictures coming soon boys! Guess who’s gonna get fucked really hard for some lunchtime playtime. ME!!! Jealous!!!

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