It’s A Bird It’s A Plane No, It’s Super Loser!!!

May 7, 2009 · 0 comments

Hey guys, Incoming incoming we have a major mega loser on web cam here to show off my latest humiliation assignment with pure panache. My major shrimp dick loser will seriously do anything so I sent him an assignment that he was going to be a Super Loser and he had 30 min to get into his costume and get on cam and educate the world that Super Loser does live!
It was time for the games to begin I made the fat dork pay me $100 to let him keep the mask on for this session. I had him get into his gear and then I cued up the music and it was time for the grand performance. I was seriously laughing so hard I had to have a few other Niteflirt girls get on and watch his cam, I made him tribute them too for watching HA HA HA what a loser needle dick! I taped this clip and sent it to all my friends and I swear this clip is making its way around offices at lightning speed. How fucking hysterical is this ultimate loser!! ROFL!!
Marc the Canadian loser has been so addicted to his joints and me he needs us nightly, I love getting him totally fucked up and then telling him what a fucking loser he is and then make him bow and worship my long slender powerful middle finger. I keep charging him over and over again with hot pictures of me flipping him off with my royal fuck you finger. FUCK YOU LOSER!!!
All you boys know that cash is the way to my Pay Princess heart.
Some major tease and deny sessions going on as well, I made this piggy in Boston pay me for about 40 pictures teasing him one after the other never letting him see my pussy or tits but leading him on $20.00 per picture it was AMAZING. I told him id send him the panties from when my boyfriend fucked me earlier in the morning since he was such a good boy. I love my little cuckold pay pigs.
Enjoy Super Loser!!!! If you think you can top him, please let me know.


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