I’ve Got Creamy Fresh Fucked In Panties On!

April 28, 2009 · 0 comments

Hey guys, I am getting so nice and tan ! I look so hot right now, I’m feeling extra sexy right at this moment because I just had really KINKY sex with my boyfriend. As I’m typing this blog I can feel a little cum dripping from my pussy right into my brand new panties I got from Jenny Jerker ruinedbyprincess and the $200 Victoria Secret gift card he sent me. I bet you boys want my creamy fresh fucked panties don’tcha. I bet you losers would love to buy my panties all nice and crusty with my boyfriend and I’s immaculate juice.
Disgusting maggot made a very brief appearance this weekend but did NOT impress me at all he was a really lame loser this weekend. I want to take him into complete and total financial ruin! Taking every dollar from him and his sorry ass family.
I’ve been coming up with more humiliation assignments and my blog slut who will do ANYTHING on cam for humiliation is going to be making more appearances, I’m just waiting for him to get all the materials needed to really give the shrimp dick a nice humiliating task.
While I was laying out at my friends pool taking calls this super intoxicated coked up loser called me begging me to watch him on cam. My friend and I went in the house grabbed the laptop and were nearly gonna puke up our margaritas when we saw this super hairy loser with his brigade of dildos and lingerie. The coked up sissy boy called us from a hotel room and he was so paranoid he was being watched it was really hilarious. We had him coating the tip of his dildos in the blow and then shoving them up his ass while we just sat there and couldn’t decide if it was hysterical or beyond disgusting. I think it was a nice mix of both. I ended up getting him so high that I hung up “accidentally” and doubled the rate and he didn’t even notice. HA HA !


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