James And The Giant Peach Colored Panties

June 16, 2009 · 0 comments

Hey boys and girly’s Hurray GO LAKERS!!!! Awesome game last night Lakers kicked ass! I ended up drinking way too many slam dunk daiquiris at the bar and right now I seriously think I’m still drunk. I do remember all the honking in the streets and the Laker flags and then me of course flashing everyone my tits in my friends convertible screaming LAKERS!!!!! Besides the usual partying that went down this weekend I did have a good time having some phone fun work over.
Jenny Jerkers were jerking away all week and getting taking advantage of and exploited left and right. Ohh wow I just got a little wet thinking of the way I took advantage of Furmas without even one chat. He found out the power of the Pay Princess can be very scary, the way I come in with my sweet candor and then next thing you know you’re dropping hundred dollar bills at my sweet ass.
The pantie challenge is on with James. James is a feisty submissive he’s confident yet slightly cocky, he lives in Austin and I am going to make him into a sissy pantie wearing boy. He’s coming out to Los Angeles soon and dared me that neither my friends or I would be able to get him into panties, stockings and lipstick. What man would ever be able to stand the force of a hot sexy Princess and her friends doing the ultimate seduction. I know he has little foot fetish and one glance of my sweet Princess feet and he will be on his knees kissing each toe asking what color lipstick I have ready to place upon his sissy boy lips. Game On JAMES!!!!


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