Jenny Jerker Hypnosis Fun Times

May 29, 2009 · 0 comments

You Are A Jenny Jerker
You Love Jerking For Jenny
You ARE A Jenny Jerker
You Can’t Stop Jerking For Jenny
Those words echo through the mind of my Jenny Jerker hypno slave Carlos. His ex girlfriend Kirsty already used and abused him she was apparently a very greedy young thing. The more Carlos and I talk he has realized I’m far more brutal the Kirsty ever was or will be, That even though she was a greedy brat to him that I am taking money from him twice as fast and keeping him financially enslaved to me because he can’t say no. I’ve made him a few hypnotic mp3’s which have left him in a state of pure jerking submission. Carlos is now hypnotic stroke puppet jerking all of his cash into my pocket taking him deep into ruin. I’m going to take it all too. Carlos finally had the balls to get on web cam and of course here he is with a bottle of poppers jammed up his nose getting high as can be and stroking fast and furious. Can you imagine if Kirsty or any friends saw this! Holy shit that would be humiliating!


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