Jenny Jerkers Road To Financial Ruin

May 15, 2009 · 0 comments

La Dee La Dee Da bow to my sacred Princess ass and give it all away , all you’ve worked so hard for, all you’ve saved just stop and surrender and give me your cash. That’s right, wave bye bye to your 401k and say bonjour to your savings. Pay for my designer jeans, pedicure my nails in Chanel polish and buy my brat princess friends and I all the champagne we want. That was the mantra vile pile maggot scum boy was chanting all last night as I took and took without a single care fucking his life out of every dollar and fucking him over and over. The shit breathed maggot thinks it’s over, I’ve only made a small dent last night was more like just a little reminder that yeah I’m ready to fuck you out of your house and home and leave you broke and I won’t stop!
My girlfriend and I went over to the malI today I really need a hot new dress, I’m going out to the clubs tonight with my boyfriend and a bunch of our friends and I want to be the best little slut that I can be. I checked my email and noticed a little $200 drive by from Anders since he understands that when I say I’m going to the mall that I need some boy bucks to pay for it. I ended up with this really hot green and blue silk dress and of course I won’t be wearing panties.
My browneyed slave has become so entranced in me he can’t stop wanting to give me every last dime and pay his Princess Jenny, he is a true Jenny Jerker, jerking it over and over looking at my hot body knowing that he needs to devote himself to me.
Closet sissy finance boy went and found himself going to Target while on a business trip and buying a bikini and some girly stuff to try on all because I told him too HA HA HA! Funny thing is, he really loves the thought of being in a bikini and totally wants to wear the same lipstick as me!
Makes all you boys want to submit to me I know.
Kiss Kiss
Queen Jenny

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