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January 18, 2009 · 0 comments

I’m so excited to get started on Niteflirt, my friend has been doing it for a few years and I’ve decided  to not be so selfish and spread my Spoiled Princess self to the whole globe.  I’m young and bright and very spoiled, I decided at some point in High School that I wanted to be a spoiled sugar baby and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.  

During my Senior year in High School there was this guy named Andy J (AJ). He was the ideal hottie  football player every girl wanted .  I thought he was really hot and I wanted to hook up with him really bad.  My girlfriends and I were at a house party and there he was looking super fine.  We got to talking and he told me he thought I had the most amazing ass he’s ever seen and wanted to see my panties.  I as pretty drunk and I told him I’d let him see my panties for $20.00.  AJ took me by my hand to the bathroom shut the door behind him and pulled out $100 and said “Jenny if you let me lick your dirty, sweaty ass out I’ll give you this $100” I started laughing and called him a little ass licking slut ripped the hundred out of his hand, tore my pants down and let him go at it.  It was like an hour had gone by and I had a new love in life, making a man pay me to shove his face in my big round apple ass.  

After that night my life was different,  I realized a power I was born with and never used to my advantage my looks and my outrageously perfect ass. From that point on I have been making men hard and weak on a daily basis, always being pampered and always being spoiled.   

Currently seeking guys who want to spoil me, get cuckolded, be a verbal whipping post,be my pretty sissy girlfriend and suck cock when I don’t want too and so much more!

Call me I can’t wait to work you over.


You can find me at Niteflirt as Spoiled Jenny
Click my picture to get to my page.

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