Jerking Off Into Peanut Butter

March 26, 2013 · 0 comments

Jerk off of the week! Humiliating this pig was really awesome, he was ready to stick his dick into anything I said as long as I didn’t call his girlfriend and tell her about his masturbation addiction. You Jenny jerkers will fuck anything and this week a lucky pig got the chance to jerk off into his peanut butter pussy. If you have a food fetish you’re little dick will really get extra hard from this humiliating task.
I thought I was being really nice when I gave him this humiliation assignment because it probably felt really good. How many of you reading this are about to go get out a jar of peanut butter and fuck it. You might be wondering if it was nutty or creamy smooth and it was smooth. He said it felt so much nicer then his girlfriends dry pussy. They only had sex once a month so I’m sure anything would feel nice. I fucked the humiliated pig over some more and took a couple hundred from him. His peanut butter jar was his whore and he had to pay to fuck that sweet creamy pussy and as the pimp I was going to take it all. Making humiliation junkie losers out of you.
peanut butter jerk off


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