Lick My Cum Stains Cuckold

October 8, 2012 · 0 comments

Hey guys, did you have a great weekend? I had a awesome weekend, last night I went to go see Florence and The Machine at the Hollywood Bowl they were so awesome and of course we had the best seats that my cuckold foot slave pig Ken set up for my friend and I. He made sure we had the best view in an awesome VIP box and he paid for our dinner and had a car service take us. Not like I expect anything other then the best.
I thanked him the best way I could by stopping over at his out Saturday night before my girlfriend and I went out and letting him shove his face in our heels and I even brought him a a gift, a nice fresh soiled pair of panties I put on after I got fucked to soak up all the cum dripping from my pussy. After my panties absorbed all the cum I stuck them up inside and got the rest and put them in a baggie and than took a shower.
When he got his gift he was so grateful he took them right out and started to lick the cum drippings that were still wet and moaning. He asked me if he could give $400 if he could take his cock out and jerk it off and cum on the panties.
Of course I wasn’t going to take the panties back with me and I wanted to to take more like the greedy Princess I am. He took his small cock out and wrapped the wet panties around it and started to stroke as we sat on the couch telling him to go faster and harder and stop and then do it all over again until we knew we needed to leave and them we had him blow his cuckold load of cum all over the panties. It was insanely hot and we talked about it the rest of the night and told a bunch of guys we met that night.

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