Lick My Sweaty Summer Soles

August 21, 2012 · 1 comment

Lick My sweaty Summer feet foot fetish slaves! The heat wave in California has been really intense. No matter how matter how many showers a day I take I get so sweaty. My air conditioner hasn’t turned off and it’s still not good enough. I need you Jenny jerking boys to come to my house and stand over me with palms fanning me and making me iced tea all day. I’ve just been hanging out in My bikini most days at my friends pool looking hot and having you guys jerk off to me while you give me cash. Sounds pretty perfect for the Princess life doesn’t it.
I’m in San Diego right now with some girlfriends and of course long time pay pig Andy had to pay for me to drive down there. I charged him per mile and it’s 121 miles each way so he was stuck with a $242 tribute AND I let him talk to me on Niteflirt on the drive down.
Foot slave Rob got really lucky this week and I let him have some beach feet foot fetish cam for a $100. He got 5 whole minutes of seeing my feet in the sand watching the grains fall between my pretty toes and stepping down leaving an imprint as though it was his face and balls I was smashing in. A slave can only dream to be so lucky to be able to clean my feet after a day at the beach. I know you want to worship my soles so open up that wallet and pay for the worship of my pretty feet you twisted foot fetish fuckers! Get to slurping up that sweat pigs. Tribute these Princess feet now and show me what a good slave you are.

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Ray September 15, 2012 at 6:03 pm

Really like this perspective…so many things to feast the eyes on. Just can’t take it in all at once.

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