Locked Up Chastity Slave Andrew

March 18, 2011 · 1 comment

Lately every time I go for a run I think of how chastity slave Andrew is going to be so owned and controlled once his special lock and key arrive. When i’m right in that moment of the run where I’m all hot and heated up my feet warm and sweaty and extra stinky when I slip my foot right out. He’s going to get a special padlock for chastity sluts and special key ready to lock up his cock and let it out only when I see fit which , I’m thinking is going to be a long time seeing as Andrew is a total pussy boy. I’m starting to wonder if bitch slave Andrew even has the balls to go through with it. I have a feeling he will be a huge pussy for me and that just makes me want to crush his balls like grapes under my pretty toes.
I sent out my Niteflirt ptv flash quiz on Niteflirt today. So far we have more losers then winners you can’t be surprised at that can you.
Sissy boy dick lover Paul has come around again after a few months of pretending he was going to disappear off Niteflirt forever. We all know you phone sex addict losers can’t stay away from your favorite website on Earth. You always come back to Niteflirt with your cocks hard and your wallets ready to be spread open and fucked really hard. Get on your knees you Jenny jerking robots and get to jerking your cash into my Princess wallet.

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Fan May 26, 2012 at 7:45 pm

Wow, that’s hot! When I first became interested chastity I used to fantasize about my girlfriend locking me up. The irony is that for some reason the fantasy was the strongest during my daily run. Maybe it was the elevated blood flow, maybe it was the beautiful stream and tree-lined path I run along, but something about that run really brought out the intense feelings of wanting to be locked for her. I hope Andrew got his wish. I know I did.

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