Loser Humiliation

November 4, 2013 · 0 comments

Hey my Jenny jerkers! November is off to an amazing start. My GOOD boys have been clicking and paying away bringing Christmas to me early. Good boys get rewarded with my beautiful body and my long finger pointing and laughing as I remind you that you’re a loser. A loser who will never have a Woman like me to date, marry or have sex with. Broke losers are such a waste of time. I received this sorry excuse for an email as to why I caught this poor broke loser clicking around my Niteflirt page. This is a perfect example of the kind of loser that gets blocked for being a loser on so many levels. If you don’t have the money to serve me, then take your broke loser ass and fuck it with a big dildo.

“Oh Miss Jenny,
i fantasize of sessioning with you on a nightly basis, BUT i guess i have a combination of fear and respect for you. i am just afraid that you may be too “hard core” for me and i also do not believe that i can afford to play with you either Princess. The numbers that i have seen you talk about are way out of my league and i just don’t want to mislead you or end up in a bad situation Miss Jenny.
i hope this makes sense.
You are so hot and you drive me absolutely out of my mind Miss Jenny and i am sorry for not paying for the app. The price is certainly fair enough, but i know i wouldn’t fill it out and i guess i just clicked on it out of horny curiousity Princess.
Please don’t be mad at me!”

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