Loser Lesson There Is No Free Humiliation

November 14, 2012 · 0 comments

Every so often some little blip on the map will come across my email spewing some bullshit thinking he’s clever. Here is a very old game super losers will try to play to get a free humiliation session or any chat time for free. It goes like this, this is actual text from this spammer edited (I took his email down so I wouldn’t give him free publicity)
loser – How do I get my free 3 minutes? Do i still have to put a card number in?

Me – You have to sign up through the Niteflirt button on my site and yes you put a credit card in (mind you his asking this stupid question is the first clue that he’s a bullshit non spending freebie seeker)

loser – Ok. Princess Jenny, if that is what you command I will obey that…just wish i could kiss your ass and suck on your toes in person.
I would also like to note Princess I have purchased you items from you wishlist! (The part here where he/she says he bought items from my wish list is another tell tale sign of a non spending time waster.)

Me –
Send amazon gift cards instead. Gifts are irrelevant until they are received. (All well seasoned online Dommes etc, know that Amazon gifts can be ordered and then cancelled but made to look like they are ordered on your wish list therefore a TRUE spoiling sub will send gift cards with no questioned asked)

Loser – Yes Princess…sending it now! It has been sent….here is my # 843-9204 (Note the awesome fake sent confirmation # which is way shorter then real ones, hilarious)

Of course… has it, or was it sent… NO. So losers, stop wasting our time, and any ladies out there reading this please don’t be stupid and fall for the bought gifts shit.

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