Loser Marc Jenny Jerker For Life

April 28, 2011 · 0 comments

Niteflirt Loser slave marc has been on a severe palm date for a while now. He’s got a major case of Jenny jerking fever and can’t stop jerking off to my hot perfect demanding Princess body. It seems like every time I flip open my lap top there he is, submissie and ready to give me his attention like a good boy. It does get on my nerves a little and he knows it, he knows when he isn’t stuffing my wallet full of cash I really have no need for him, I just keep telling him to get back to the factory and work it over time. Do you blame him, he just needs me non stop. I just got home from a really sweaty jog my ass is so nice and wet right now I’m wishing one of my cute losers was here to lick the sweat from my ass cheeks and show me the right worship.
Tomorrow is the Royal wedding in England and that means it’s Princess day American Style all Friday long. Every day is princess day for me but on this day I get lots of gifts! So head over to my wish list and get my wedding presents in honor of Kate and William.
Stupid fat fatty fat loser John sent more over to feed my greed as he sits and waits and eats his way into anticipation for a new fat ass humiliation clip. You fat boys out there love when I laugh at you and point in your face mocking those fat boy bitch tits of yours. The fatter he gets the more money I take while I fill him up with my greed and power. Go buy my clips right now little bitches!

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