Loser Ignored While Princess Takes All

January 10, 2011 · 0 comments

Happy Monday bois! I had a fabulous week, while I was out partying this weekend and having some hot sex you were probably stuck at home fucking your pillow and calling out my name.
I’m getting so sick of the cold weather out here, yeah I know I start bitching at like 63 degrees I’m so sick of wearing all these layers I just want to get back to tiny short shorts and cute tank tops with my heels.
After my crappy season of football picks courtesy of a couple of my loser slave boys I ditched them and made the final week 100% my own picks. Sure enough I WON! I got 13 picks out of 15 AND I won a side bet. $420 for me not with the help of any losers, I guess I should have never trusted their loser picks anyway, I mean they are losers!
Sissy boy Jody got lucky and got to listen to me blab to my girlfriends for a couple hours while he got totally ignored. I’m still waiting to get a picture from this long haired pussy boy who still lives with his mom and sister and works at a CVS. I don’t know how he’s suppose to keep up with me using him on his stupid CVS salary. I can think of a few creative ways, seeing as he looks, sounds and acts like a girl, this sissy can suck off some cock for cash for his Princess and make me money. It’s shower time but I got this huge Lush gift basket from armpit licker louis so I think I’m going to have a long soak and clean all the cum from my fresh fucked pussy. Are you begging for my bathwater now bitch?

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