Loser Poetry For Princess Jenny

March 8, 2011 · 0 comments

Loser boy baby dick boy can’t get enough of me and needed to show me how desperate he was by sitting home on a Saturday night and writing poems of devotion for me. He sent me a picture of his gross small little prick but there’s no way I’m going to post it, it’s way too ugly for even you to have to look at. You’ll be thanking me trust me! He can barely afford to devote himself to me so I have him out there trying to enrich his life and make more money for ME!

My life is a sense of desperation
A need for belonging
as I live in self pity
worthy of nothing but the ground my knees rest upon
A beautiful woman I will never touch
So I pay and pay in hope of recognition
infatuation and lust and love overcome my mind
oinking oink oink as pay piggy should
mindless pay servant I am
and shall always be
no retirement fund or
play time for me
work and work to pay and pay
My beautiful Princess Jenny
She is worth every penny
Living for Princess Jenny
Its better than any alternative I know of
Fellow losers get on your knees and pay pay
to Princess Jenny
She is worth every Penny

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