Lucky Morning Lucky Boys Lucky Princess

May 19, 2009 · 0 comments

Good Morning! I had the best sleep last night after a night of marathon sex I woke up really early and look what was waiting for me in my email. A nice little 2 grand Amazon gift from a shrimp dick pay pig who loves to spoil his Pay Princess Jenny. Jenny Jerkers around the globe strive to be as giving as that and give me everything that I want and deserve. My shopping spree pig is a total cuckold and he wanted to make sure that I also bought my boyfriend something nice as well. If he send a few thousand more I told him I would send him my cum filled panties and my boyfriends stinky post workout underwear to sniff and worship.
This was a really good weekend for a new piggies to have found me. First we have a lucky new teen Princess addict found his me and fortunately for him I caught him lurking on my page and latched onto him hook, line and sinker. I seduced him with my sweet girlie voice he really just could not resist my little temptation island. I was pretty gentle with him on his first Jenny jerkathon and didn’t break him too hard.
The vile puke slurping maggot slithered back to me with yet again another new account. The loser opens accounts as he taps each one out having to go back and get drained over and over, opening and closing accounts what a dumb fuck. I did a decent job on him hacking away taking it all dollar by dollar building my Princess empire fucking him over without a care in the world. I’m off to go hiking with my friend. Go to my wishlist and buy me stuff.

Amazon Pig Strike


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