Making Ben Into Sissy Britney

November 16, 2011 · 0 comments

Aww look it’s prissy sissy phone sex caller Ben but you can call him Britney because that’s the sissy girl name he chose for himself. He looks so nice and pretty in his Victoria Secret love Pink panties. I love a cute sissy boy in panties so much it always puts a big smile on my Princess face. He’s super shy and has a girlfriend, I wonder if she has any idea of what a pretty little panty wearing sissy he really is. Personally I think he would look a lot better if he lost a few pounds or toned up that stomach and then had a nice pretty cock in his mouth. He did show me his pretty rubber dildo and gave it a nice blow job for me but he really looked like he needed practice I saw way too much teeth. I could definitely teach him a thing or two about sucking a nice juicy cock.
Speaking of cock, I had the best sex with my boyfriend last night and I took his cock so far down my throat it was amazing. He took some photos of me with his cock deep down my throat and I know you Jenny jerkers would do anything to see that wouldn’t you. That will cost you pigs a ton of cash so you better have those fist fulls if you ever want to see my sucking my mans big huge dominating cock. Also, don’t tell me you want to suck my mans cock, he’s not gay like YOU.

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