March Madness Slam Dunk Cash Sissy’s Wallet In My Hoop

March 23, 2009 · 0 comments

This Princess has her own version of March Madness and I played it all day on Saturday with my new member of my Blog Slut Club. This trashy wasted cock sucker goes by the name Desiree and this blog slut is all over the net! He has what’s called a very severe case of Niteflirt Princess addiction. He’s up 24/7 getting fucked up and wasted being the ultimate forced intoxication dummy. He leaves the front door unlocked awaiting someone to come take his mouth and fuck it and replace his moobies (man boobs) with a giant set of ddd’s. He loves to call his girlfriends on Niteflirt and get pimped out all over the internet in hopes someone, anyone takes him and makes him into woman. You should see how this sissy can suck the life from a glass pipe !! WOW! SUPER FREAKKKY!! I got him so fucked up that I had him convinced him that he needed to hang up so I could be sweet and lower the rate to $2.75 a min when really, I had him at $6.75 per minute and well at 6 hours I think you might say yeah that was a serious sneaky Princess slam dunk into my wallet.


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