Marching Into Mens Lives This March

March 3, 2009 · 0 comments

Hey guys, wow I just seduced the pants off this guy at Starbucks, I have yet to ever pay for my own chai latte. Ha Ha Ha!
I spent a couple hours with the most depressing sad sack on Niteflirt over the weekend. He really needed to confess to me that he was the typical sorry ass loser at the office who gets paid less then everyone else yet does more then anyone there. He was mid 30’s single, never been married, overweight and not so attractive. That makes him ripe for picking as far as I’m concerned. I took on the role of therapist and counseled him in his time of economic grief and pathetic self esteem. I think my advice was really reassuring, I advised him that at this time on uncertainty its best to make certain that his Princess Jenny is being properly taken care of. Living the life of a single childless man makes more room for giving to beautiful girls so all those dates he never takes should be tribute to me. The most important part of our talk was sex, he hasn’t had sex in years. We all know he isn’t going to be getting laid anytime soon so its best to just jerk and pay me. I had sad sack jerking for me but first he had to send me a tribute of $100.00. As soon as I got my tribute I then thought he would need some pictures to jerk off too. He bought 2 sets of photos from the page and started jerking away. Therapy over. Call me at Niteflirt for your own session.


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