Marinating Loser Pigs

May 23, 2011 · 0 comments

Happy Monday! I had an amazing weekend as always, thanks for asking and thinking of me. I was out in Santa Barbra this weekend for my friends 25th Birthday party. It was AMAZING she got a huge house and 13 of us spent the weekend out there and bbq’d, hung out at the pool drank, ate and partied! I got to show off my new bikini’s I got from that fat fuck big bellied John. Wait until you see how big and round my ass is looking in the new super small bikinis. You’ll be down on your knees begging to sniff my ass and buy me more and more.
A new humiliation loser found me on Niteflirt he had a feeling I love’d a man in a pig snout with a open wallet ready to be humiliated and publicly treated like a piece of shit for the world to see. He was oinking away with loser written all over his chest and his forehead. I thought the pig needed to really do something stupid and pathetic so I sent him to the kitchen and made him get teriyaki sauce and some other crap. Everyone knows pork tastes great when its slathered in teriyaki sauce. The loser idiot pig got himself into his bath barn and started rolling in the sauce covering himself up like a wet sloppy loser. HA Ha Ha look at you stupid dumb pig! Oink it up loser now you’re a star! Which one of you Niteflirt losers is up next? Who wants to be the next Jenny jerking web cam slave loser!

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