Masturbation Assignment

September 9, 2013 · 0 comments

It’s back to school time and that can only mean one thing. Back to more privacy for Jenny jerking and serving your favorite online domination Princess. Now lets start off with your first assignment of the year and of course its a jerk off assignment. Because I love obedient Jenny jerkers that do as I say and please me. You need to stay after class we have a special one on one lesson to do. I know you want extra credit like a good slave student because you want to please Miss Jenny.
You do want to be a good boy and please Me don’t you.
It’s super hot out tonight and I’m about to meet some friends for Happy hour and flirt with guys while you pay for our drinks. I’m wearing a really cute tank dress that slave Kevin just sent me and I have on a sheer white thong under it. I know sheer white, its like I shouldn’t have even bothered. Barefoot in some sexy platform sandals and a hot pink glitter pedicure. How many sissy’s reading this just whimpered and got a clit hard on at the thought of pink glitter toes. The bling on my toes is like a magnet for foot fetish guys at the bar. My hot foot bait buys us many rounds of whatever we want and sometimes even more. What would you do for my pink glitter toes and my ass? Make that part of the assignment and answer me now.
Pay Princess Ass Kiss

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